History of Bookkeeping

Accounting and bookkeeping procedures were initially established in 15th Century Italy. Then 19th Century Scotland brought on a more modern version of financial record keeping.

In colonial America, the term “waste book” was used. It referred to the documenting transactions of receipts and expenditures daily. The records were made in chronological order, and for temporary use only. Daily records were then transferred to a daybook to balance the accounts and to create a permanent journal; then the waste book could be discarded, hence the name.

As of the 20th century computerized bookkeeping removed the need for paper “books” or “Journals”. Software programs now assist in tracking all financial transactions. Still the norms of bookkeeping, established hundreds of years ago, include single-entry and double-entry bookkeeping systems.

As a business owner, what would you rather be doing daily? Certainly not the data entry of Account Receivables, Account Payables and reconciling your bank and credit card accounts. Let us not forget running reports on a daily, monthly, and annual basis. You want to focus less on daily number crunching and focus more of your time & efforts on successfully growing your business.

Allow me to provide you the freedom to run your business and build revenue. Client trust is a privilege and maintaining it is a priority. I approach each client individually to discuss your bookkeeping needs and establish a plan of action.

Bookkeeping Services:

Bank Reconciliation

Credit Card Reconciliation

Accounts Receivable

Accounts Payable

B2B Collections

Monthly Reports:

  • Balance sheets
  • P & L reports
  • YTD reporting to conduct previous year comparisons.

Administrative Services:

Employee Recruitment

Conducting Initial Interviews

Data Entry

Social Tasks

Manage calendars

appointments, and emails

Thank you and Holiday cards to clients


About me

I love working with numbers! If you are looking for someone who loves their job and is excited to help others, then look no further! I have over 30 years of professional experience in many areas of business such as human resources, account management, and workers’ compensation. I hold a bachelor’s degree in Human Resources & Marketing; a minor in accounting, and a first-year graduate student in Finance. I empower business owners by helping them understand and gain control of their financial information, so they have real-time data to utilize in making everyday decisions. Whether you are a contractor specializing in home remodeling, an online or brick & mortar store, or a Real Estate Broker managing your own of business. I can do the day to day journal entries while you focus on growing your business. So, there is no need to acquire the additional costs of hiring an employee to perform these bookkeeping functions. I live with my husband of 10 years Chet, 3 dogs, Icie Matilda (Yorkie), Bruno (Chihuahua), and King (pitbull/lab mix). I love to read, put together puzzles, and spend time with family and friends.